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10 Paranormal Anomalies at the Skinwalker Ranch

Of all the strange and mysterious places on the Planet Earth, it might be a small ranch in northern Utah that is the strangest of them all. It is called the Skinwalker Ranch. Although relatively unknown, this ranch has arguably more documented paranormal activity than anywhere else in the world, including its famous neighbor, Area 51. From cattle mutilations to giant killer birds, Skinwalker Ranch has a little bit of everything for paranormal enthusiasts.

Navajo Skinwalker Legend
Dating back to the early 1950’s, the Skinwalker Ranch has been a hotbed for unidentified flying objects. A local science teacher, Junior Hicks, saw a large object in the sky during broad daylight unlike anything he had ever seen before. It wasn’t a figment of his imagination either, his whole elementary class also saw the UFO. Forever hooked on what he saw, Hicks ended up tracking over 400 separate paranormal events in the area of the Skinwalker Ranch over the course of 5 decades.

In 1978 area residents reported seeing an awesome dome shape UFO with very intense lights as reported by Deseret News. The UFO emitted a silent purring noise and onlookers recall feeling very frightened as if someone was watching them from the UFO yet they were unable to look away.

In 1994, Terry and Gwen Sherman purchased the Skinwalker Ranch to start a cattle ranch business. Much to their dismay, the UFO sightings from the previous decades were corroborated with their own sightings of multiple different types of UFO’s. Their family saw pyramid shaped UFO’s, box shaped UFO’s, a 40-foot-long UFO, and a huge ship the size of multiple football fields.

Invincible Wolves
A wolf, three times the size of a normal wolf, that can’t be killed by bullets sounds like something out of a Hollywood screenplay. In this case however, it was the real-life experience of the family who purchased the Skinwalker Ranch in 1994. On the first day of their new life on the Skinwalker Ranch they had an unwelcomed visitor, a huge wolf that seemed to be as domesticated as a golden retriever. As the family discussed keeping the wolf as a pet, even petting it a few times, the wolf snapped. Next thing the family knew the wolf was attempting to rip a calf through the metal bars of its pen. The father began to shoot the wolf with his .357 magnum revolver at very close range. He could see the bullets hitting the wolf however the wolf didn’t even flinch. After 3 shots from a magnum handgun the wolf let the calf go but didn’t retreat. Starting to get scared, the father grabbed his hunting rifle and shot the wolf, again with no tragic effect and the wolf simply turned around and walked away. More of these huge wolves would continue to be seen on the ranch during the Sherman’s time living there.

Mysterious Voices
Generally, when we hear a voice we look around behind us, to the right or left, looking for the person speaking to us. Normally you don’t have to look above you to seek out the source of the voices talking about you. In this case, there was no body to assign the voices to, anywhere. These mysterious voices were very clear although the language being spoke was indiscernible. People who have heard these mysterious voices at the Skinwalker Ranch could feel eyes watching them from above (approx. 20 feet).  

One researcher explained it “They [eyes] were like smoldering coals, burning hot with their hatred from behind a dimensional curtain.” He couldn’t explain how he arrived at that conclusion without even seeing anything. He knew they were discussing him, asking questions like “Why is he here?” and “Who is he?”, even though he couldn’t understand their language. Perhaps they were putting thoughts in his head? Most would believe this was a figment of the researcher’s imagination however multiple people, at different times, had the same exact experience. 

Crop Circles
Nothing like waking up in the morning to find concentric circles dug up in your land with exact precision or 8 foot circles of flattened grass arranged in triangles right? This was a frequent occurrence for the Sherman’s on Skinwalker Ranch. Sure, it could have been a prank by some local kids however Skinwalker Ranch only has 1 road leading to it so anyone coming or going with machinery would have surely been noticed.

One specific incident occurred after Terry Sherman had seen flying lights the night before. He went to the same place he saw the lights and immediately noticed several holes in the ground. The closer he got he noticed the holes were all the same, about one-foot-deep and several feet in diameter. To make matters worse, the hundreds of pounds of dirt that was “dug” out had simply vanished. Terry explained that the first time he saw the holes it was as if someone used a giant cookie cutter on his land, the holes having perfectly straight sides.

Glowing Orbs
One of the most commonly seen paranormal events at the Skinwalker Ranch were glowing orbs. The glowing balls of light seemed to have a mind of their own, taking a special interest in the Sherman’s cattle specifically. Many times the orbs were observed flying around the cattle and sometimes the herd reacted violently, running away “like an invisible force was plowing through the herd”. Some researchers have even said these orbs following them home and floating around their house moving things along the way.

A particular creepy event happened one night in May 1996. Terry noticed a blue orb flying around his ranch house and commanded his dogs to go chase it. The dogs got close to it but could never get quite close enough to capture it. The orb disappeared into a thick brush and the dogs followed. Suddenly Terry heard terrible yelps and whimpering and called for his dogs to return. They never did. The next morning, he went out looking for them and came across three round spots of dried and brittle vegetation. In the middle of these spots were black greasy lumps, as if the dogs had been incinerated. The dogs were never seen again and this event prompted the Sherman’s to consider leaving the ranch once and for all.

Giant Killer Bird
After the Sherman’s dog went missing they decided to finally sell the ranch, they couldn’t handle the strange events any longer. In late 1996 the sold the ranch to the National Institute of Discovery Science, otherwise known as NIDS. They only purchased the land to study the paranormal activity they had heard so much about.

One night the research team went to go inspect the property after hearing the sounds of dogs barking and they came across a distressed cow hiding under a tree all by itself. When the men got out of the truck the headlights revealed a pair of glowing amber eyes in the tree above the cow. Assuming it was a large cat harassing the cow they shot at it twice with a high powered rifle. After the second shot, the eyes disappeared, they searched the area but could find no trace of the animal that was in the tree. The continued to search into the night when they found something startling, they found what appeared to be the print of a giant bird of prey. It was nearly six inches in diameter, with two sharp claw marks protruding from the rear. They found another print twenty feet away. Judging by the depth of the print in the snow they judged the animal to be large and heavy, unlike anything that had been witnessed on the ranch to that point

The Portal
It isn’t every day that you see a dark faceless humanoid crawl out of a green light hoovering over the ground yet that is exactly what two NIDS researchers saw the night of August 25, 1997. The researchers were on a bluff overlooking the Skinwalker Ranch hoping to observe paranormal activity and they got their wish. They saw a very small yellowish light they at first discounted as a reflection off a broken bottle or something to that effect. However, the light kept growing and researchers became more interested. Focusing on the growing light they noticed it appeared to be hoovering over the ground a foot or two. At one point one of the researchers began sweating profusely and breathing heavily as he noticed the light was actually a tunnel. As he identified the light as a tunnel they noticed something inside the tunnel crawling on its elbows, a black creature with no face. The creature crawled out of the portal, stood up, and simply walked away into the darkness and vanished. Just as the creature disappeared so did the yellowish portal that allowed the creature entry to the Skinwalker Ranch.

Pungent Odor
At the site of most paranormal events at Skinwalker Ranch there was an unmistakable stench that lingered. The Sherman’s often smelled musk-like odors emanating throughout their house. Anytime a Skinwalker or Bigfoot creature was spotted on the ranch, the same odor would be noticeable. Often the Sherman’s and the researchers at the ranch would get an overwhelming sense they were being watched and each time, it came along with the same musky pungent odor. When the two researchers, described in “The Portal” above, went to go inspect the location of the Portal after the mysterious creature had disappeared the first thing they noticed when they got close to the site was pungent smell. One of the researchers described feeling slightly nauseous from it. Is this the unmistakable smell of a Skinwalker.

Mutilated Cattle
The Sherman’s originally moved to the Skinwalker Ranch to start a cattle ranch business and it’s safe to say it did not go as they had envisioned. Almost upon their arrival, cows began to disappear and even more disturbingly, some were found mutilated. Traditionally a rancher can expect to lose less than 5% of its livestock for various reasons such as disease, lost, etc. Of the Sherman’s 80-head herd, 14 of them either disappeared or were mutilated. The first cow that Mr. Sherman found mutilated had a strange, crisp hole cut in one of its eyes. There was no trace of blood or footprints. Other cows would be found mutilated, as if someone performed surgery on them, with ears, eyes, udders, and sex organs removed with surgical precision. No blood was ever left at the scene. Even six of their cats went missing one night and never returned. One of the most memorable events was when one of his cows had wandered away from the heard and Mr. Sherman when to recover it. It was snowing at the time and it was easy for him to track the cow’s footprints however the prints just stopped with no sign of the cow anywhere, almost as if the cow was picked up off the ground never to return.

In Navajo culture a Skinwalker is an evil witch that can turn into, or disguise themselves as an animal. In northern Utah there is a 480-acre area of land that the Ute Indians have named the “path of the Skinwalker”. This land is now known as Skinwalker Ranch. Members of the tribe are forbidden from entering this area. It is believed the Navajos put a curse on the land thousands of years ago and it is plagued with Skinwalkers. Although the Indians appeared to be terrified of the Skinwalker Ranch and in light of all the paranormal activity that was documented, the paranormal presence at the Ranch seemed to draw a strong distinction between harming animals and harming humans. Does this mean the creatures observed on the Ranch were not the abhorrently evil Skinwalkers as the Ute Indians believed? Clearly there was some kind of mystery unexplainable phenomena at the Ranch and given that paranormal activity has all but ceased at the Ranch now, we may never know what was really happening at the ranch.



  1. If you check on Google Earth you will note that the Skinwalker ranch sits barely North of a major hydrocarbon production facility. Underground pools of oil or other types of hydrocarbon resource such as tar sands have been noted as locations for ancient peoples sacred sites as described by William Corliss in one of his last 'Science Frontiers' publications so one could chalk this up as another indicator that something to do with underground oil or hydrocarbon resources helps in the production of spooky occurrences on the surface above them. It would be interesting to find if oil drillers and other workers in oil fields elsewhere also think that underground hydrocarbon deposits are related to an unusual level of what is best described as 'spooky' behavior as exemplified by Skinwalker Ranch. I've noticed elsewhere that Skinwalker ranch appears to be diminishing in activity, one has to wonder if the removal of the deposit underground is causing that lessening in activity.

    Orbs are also associated with underground mineral deposits. In ancient times apparently one way to find a place to dig a mine in was to follow the orbs to the spot where they enter the ground. Digging right where the orbs entered the ground was how you started a new mine because the orbs presence indicated that there was one form or another of mineral deposit in the Earth below. Not just oil but also precious or practical metals such as Gold, Silver and Copper.

  2. All of this going on and no photos, video, or audio evidence mentioned? Hmmm...

    1. I agree with Unknown, it seems impossible there wasn't even one photo?

    2. Check out this video, if you haven't already... Specifically the 5 minute mark. No opinion on it, just found it interesting. Whole interview is pretty fascinating!

    3. I would suggest reading "Hunt For The Skinwalker" by George Knapp. There is extensive documentation of the phenomenon at the ranch.

    4. I got a lot of my research from that book. George Knapp even retweeted my post for this list on Twitter and posted a link to it on his website. I was thrilled!

  3. Will put forth the effort to gain the knowledge to do investigations properly and keep myself and my group safe during investigations?