Saturday, December 10, 2016

My Experience With Listverse So Far

I just sent in my second list of ten to Listverse. Hopefully I have a little better luck this time. I have to admit; I was disappointed after my first list was rejected. Not really because I didn’t my list published and make $100, it was because of Listverse’s response. First of all, I had no clue they were receiving 150 lists a day while only publishing 3!? Okay so my list wasn’t in the top 2% of lists, I was at least hoping for a few notes on what I did wrong or need to improve. Instead it is your standard cookie cutter response. Their website said, submit your list and “Either way you win—your list will be read by us and reviewed, and if it’s amazing it will appear on the front page of Listverse to be read by millions of people a month!” I took this to mean I would get a smidgeon of feedback but I understand that would be very labor intensive for the Company.

I am not here to complain about Listverse at all, I really like their website and plan to keep submitting lists, at least until I get one approved! However, I felt my first list was unique, I spent a lot of time researching it and there isn’t another list like it (to my knowledge), and I didn’t want to waste the content by just letting it sit on my laptop so I came up with this blog,

I am a little worried about my 2nd list submission. It was close to 2,000 words, which they say to only go to 1,500 on their website, but the topic was very interesting (at least in my opinion) and I’ve seen Listverse publish longer lists. Perhaps a little longer list with more details will stand out and get noticed when the odds are so stacked against it. We’ll see…… might have a new post here soon. Last time it took exactly one week for a response.


  1. Your topics as well as your writing are far better than some of the lists appearing on Listverse as of late. I've been reading Listverse for about six years, and to me many of the lists have declined in quality. I'm growing tired of lists that read like bad sixth grade writing with awful grammar, bland style, or missing details. One list had some info that the commenters immediately pounced on; turns out it was something pretty much debunked. The author admitted she only went to one source for the topic. ONE.

    Enough of my ranting. Your lists are great. Please keep writing. Can't wait to read more work.

    1. Thank you for the support! One thing I have found frustrating from Listverse is the lack of feedback to help determine what, if anything, I did wrong. The 2nd list I wrote got rejected in almost 24 hours. My only explanation is that it was too long. Right around 2,000 words. I just submitted my 3rd list on Dec. 26th so we shall see! It's kind of hard to find a good topic that hasn't already been covered but that is part of the fun. Thanks again for the kind words!