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If you are a good creative writer and want to put your skills to the test you can submit original lists to these websites and they will pay you if they decide they want to publish your list on their website.
Listverse - $100 per list

Alexa page rank: Global 5,745; US 2,469

Listverse is probably the most well-known list publisher on the internet and some credit it with beginning the trend of top-ten-lists. They will pay you $100 directly to your PayPal account if they want your list but beware, their rejection rate is very high. In a recent rejection letter I received, they said they receive 150 list submissions a day and only accept 3. Rough odds. I have submitted 3 lists so far and sadly, none have been accepted. I am going to remain persistent until I sneak one through! This is the link to their Author’s Guide and this is the link to submit a list.
Wonderlist - $5 per list

Alexa page rank: Global 14,368; US 17,456

Wonderlist will pay you $5 for a list of 10 things that fits their requirements. Although it is a much less payout than Listverse I’d imagine they aren’t as strict as to what they will publish. I’d also suspect Wonderlist gets many Listverse rejections. You can also submit a list as a guest blogger, which in my case would be extremely ironic. They say they will respond within 2 days to a guest blogger request. Doesn’t specific about a regular list submission for $5. I will be exploring both of these options soon so I can report back. This is link for a list or guest blog submission.
Cracked - $150 per list

Alexa paged rank: Global 1,451; US 576
I have to admit; I feel a little silly about this one. When I was researching items for this page it was the first time I had ever heard of and apparently it is extremely popular (as seen by its Alexa page rank). According to this recent post ( on their site they pay $150 for each of your first four articles that are accepted. After that, you will get $250 per article. If your article is among the top 10 traffic generating articles for the month aka “viral” you will get a $100 bonus. Directly from their website, “No experience necessary. We will pay you if it's good. You talk directly to the editors — no form letter rejections.” When compared to the form letter rejections you’ll most likely receive from Listverse, getting feedback directly from editors is a breath of fresh air. I will definitely be signing up for Cracked ASAP.
Not many people can claim to have mastered their language and writing skills to the point that all they require is a pen and paper to publish a masterpiece. Most of us use various tools to help us write articles, blog posts, books, etc. so we can connect better with our intended audience while not taking away from our message with poor grammar. Here are a few resources that I have learned to love and use almost every time I write.

The thesaurus website is a terrific resource for writers. We all have our favorite words we like to use when writing but a thesaurus provides several similar alternatives to avoid overuse of a word.  Along with listing synonyms, it allows you to adjust the list by the synonym’s relevance, complexity, length, etc. It gives you examples of the word in sentences along with its origin and history. It also provides an easy link to the definition through Along with the definition, provides audio of how the word is pronounced along with some additional features not found on The mobile app combines the two websites and is a great tool for on-the-go writers!
You know when the word you are looking for is on the tip of your tongue but you just can’t spit it out? Well One Look can help! It is essentially a reverse dictionary, where you enter a definition or concept and it will give you a list of words that fit that definition or concept. Pay attention to the “Example searches” to help you drill down to exactly what you are looking for. You can also search for lists-of-words, synonyms and related concepts, and even the answers to some basic questions.
Whether it is the smartphone application or a traditional notepad, I think it is a great tool to keep around at all times in order to jot down ideas that might come to you when you aren’t necessarily in front of a computer ready to write. I can’t even count how many random ideas I have come up with while I was out-and-about only to forget them when I was ready to write about it. I’m sure there are plenty of sophisticated applications out there these days to keep notes but I tend to be a simpleton and just use the Notepad app on my iPhone.
Having a peer nearby that can review your writing on a moment’s notice isn’t always possible. Luckily Grammarly can do a sufficient job. Simply paste your text on their website and hit “Check Your Text” as seen above. A few things to note; to get full functionality of their website you must sign up for an account and it only seems to work on Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Once you pass those hurdles Grammarly can be an effective tool for your writing. Grammarly proudly promotes its 250 points of grammar, contextual spelling checker, and its ability to enhance vocabulary. You can sign up here.

Stay tuned for constant updates and added resources! 

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